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2024-04-11 07:42 UTC
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片名:EPXE-5125 (写真)工藤遥 集数:正片 音轨:FLAC 日语 字幕:无 压制:纪伯长 文件发布:DBD制作组 可以使用电子邮箱联系本组,电子邮箱:[email protected] 已经建立TG交流群,欢迎大家加入:https://t.me/DBD_Raws_Discussion 已经成立DBD分流Q群,欢迎大家加入分流大队:560823326 本组已有爱发电主页,希望大家有能力的可以贡献自己一份力量,谢谢大家支持 爱发电主页:https://afdian.net/@112127luji DBD制作组正在招募:翻译,时间轴,校对,字幕,美工,宣传,片源,特效,压制等成员,有兴趣的朋友欢迎加入DBD制作组:1040411052 聊天吹水群(特摄):746546998 聊天吹水群(动漫):740501700 B站主页1:https://space.bilibili.com/97177229 神圣路基艾尔 B站主页2:https://space.bilibili.com/476857955 神圣之路基艾尔 下载工具请使用:qbittorrent,uTorrent等正规下载工具上传,下载完成后请打开软件再尽可能多上传,人人为我,我为人人,让其他人能够尽可能快速地下载并保持上传。 下载地址: 夸克网盘:https://pan.quark.cn/s/5ae2c5580a06 百度网盘:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bbMMuMFaJE4OwJ4tyV8PAA?pwd=jbcz 提取码:jbcz Title: EPXE-5125 (Photo) Kudo Haru Number of episodes: positive film Audio: FLAC Japanese Subtitles: None Suppression: Ji Bo Chang File release: DBD production team You can use an email address to contact this group, email: [email protected] The TG exchange group has been established, welcome everyone to join: https://t.me/dbd_raws_discussion The DBD diversion Q group has been established. Welcome everyone to join the diversion brigade: 560823326 This group already has the homepage of power generation. I hope everyone can contribute to their own strength. Thank you for your support Love Power Generation Homepage: https://afdian.net/@112127luji DBD production team is recruiting: translation, timeline, school pairing, subtitles, artists, publicity, sources, special effects, suppression and other members. Interested friends are welcome to join the DBD production group: 1040411052 Chat blowing water group (special photo): 746546998 Chat blowing water group (anime): 740501700 Station homepage 1: https://space.bilibili.com/97177229 sacred road Station homepage 2: https://space.bilibili.com/476857955 Holy Road base Please use the download tool: QBITTORRENT, UTORRENT and other regular download tools upload. After downloading, please open the software and upload as much as possible. Everyone is for me. I am everyone, so that others can download and upload as quickly as possible. download link: Quark network disk: https://pan.quark.cn/s/5AE2C5580A06 Baidu web disk: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bbmmmfaje4thtyv8paa? Pwd = jbcz Extract code: JBCZ

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hi, can you upload the ghost sweeper mikami movie? :3