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[LaCucaracha] Yuru Camp Movie - Laid-Back Camp: The Movie (2022) [1080p WEB E-AC3] [Multi-Sub]

2022-11-25 04:25 UTC
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ya no puede caminar. ----- Video from Crunchyroll, audio from Amazon and subs from Crunchyroll and Meadows

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  • [LaCucaracha] Yuru Camp Movie - Laid-Back Camp- The Movie (2022) [1080p WEB E-AC3] [Multi-Sub].mkv (6.9 GiB)
>subs from Crunchyroll **and Meadows** why put an inferior subtitle track in there?
This is the version I made with the better quality amazon audio and the shittyroll video and was gonna upload but you saved the trouble. I've got too many uploads going on right now so thanks.
I can't be the only one who noticed that the audio volume for the voices is lower than the audio volume for the music and sound effects, right? It's the same in Anime Time and NanDesuKa's releases as well though, so it's not an encoding issue, but an issue with the source. Wonder if the blurays will be different, or if a version with the audio levels being balanced simply doesn't exist...If so, I wonder if it's the fault of the audio recordings for the voices themselves being too low, or if someone messed up during the final mixing...It wasn't like this in the previous seasons of this series.
I agree, the voices are noticeably lower than it should be. I'll wait for BD release.