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[FleshRanger] Dragon Ball Z - Dead Zone 2 - The Garlic Jr. Saga (dub) (fanedit)

2020-12-23 14:30 UTC
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**Garlic Jr Saga in 52 minutes** https://mega.nz/file/Fl0GXR6K#oA1a398t2GYg4otlyEDmefEMg_XR8p8PCj06N8thCuc A couple of years back I was watching through Dragon Ball Kai and wished there were abbreviated versions of the filler arcs. I tend to enjoy the ideas they present if not the runtimes. Finally found the time to sit down and do an edit, and I’m pleased with the results. I’ve trimmed 8 episodes into just under 52 minutes. The first and last episodes of the arc were omitted completely. Feel free to squeeze this in between episodes 108 and 117 if you’re like… just really a fan of Maron? Speaking of which… I started removing the obvious stuff, like Vegeta’s repetitive space adventures and Maron’s interludes. When Hiya Dragon takes her away in the beginning, she’s just gone. Then I started trimming up the battles, combining conflicts in some places. Kami’s trip to the underworld gets a massive streamlining. Basically this is what a movie sequel to Dead Zone would look like. This is DUB ONLY as there’s no 5.1 Japanese track to cleanly make the sorts of edits I wanted. Yes, I’m a bigger fan of the Japanese version of Z as well, but it wasn’t in the cards. It DID give me a chance to remove a lot of the facepalm-inducing lines from the dub. There are still a few that were integral to the plot, but the excessive talking of the dub has been trimmed back. Characters don’t feel the need to speak every time they face away from camera. I’d planned to rescore the whole thing, but then I saw how the music is sometimes mixed in the same track as the dialogue, so it seemed better just to work around the existing music. You might notice a few jumps in the music, but I’ve tried to blend them as best as I could. I might tackle the other filler arcs in the future. Afterlife Tournament, Wedding Dress… fake Namek?? Garlic Jr. is the longest, and seemed the most likely candidate to become a movie. I’ll probably revisit this edit with better video in the future. I literally laid down the video and set up my timeline for this over two years ago and then I got insanely busy for a very long time. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Reading English + Dragon Ball Kai somehow reminded me of the unreleased Canadian dub by Ocean. If it ever is released, great. Just won't hope anymore.

zman (uploader)

Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day. I wonder how far along they got?
Probably just Kai itself, not the Final Chapters (what an abomination). I'm guessing someone will eventually leak it, but might take years to wait for it.