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2020-08-12 20:55 UTC
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Here's an oldie but goodie ( an over used phrase I know) but this dvd is fairly rare. Based off the manga of the same title this precedes the James Cameron movie by at least 14 years. The main character is named Gally instead of Alita. I can't imagine why more of this was never made. Any way enjoy it.

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  • Battle Angel Alita.ISO (3.3 GiB)
is it really
Seems to be the same as this torrent: I remembered because I downloaded it.
@**Impackt** I thought so, just couldn’t remember the exact title. I hope he kept the JAP audio. It’s the the same size so I’m assuming. Not going to bitch about his releases, especially after what happened with that CLANNAD movie. I admit I was being a bitch with that.


The OVA came out in 1993. The movie came out in 2019, so the OVA was released 25 years before the movie.
@Ingenioussubs its a iso so it should be a untouched rip of the disc.. ofc it can be modified too but i dont really see such releases much

zrdb (uploader)

I knew it was a long time ago when this was released by ADV-I'm thinking early 2000s, I'm pretty sure it was one of their earliest dvds. I know I got my copy at least 12 years ago. Still it is a fairly rare dvd-it's currently listed on a****n for $103. I'm thinking my next upload will be the original Birdy The Mighty ova (not the remake tv series).
@ valid The file size looks to be identical so it should be untouched.
Pretty sure it's the same thing. It's the exact same size.

zrdb (uploader)

It is the same exact iso-like this remux except with the extra shit on the dvd.
Please Seed. Important collection item.
He never seeded this shit lol. It was a meme the whole time. Glad I never attempted to download this. You all have been fooled.

zrdb (uploader)

I seed my uploads for 2 days-if you haven't grabbed it by then it's your problem-not mine.
![alt text]( "no seeds?")