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Kirameki Project Pt.1

2020-08-11 05:16 UTC
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4.6 GiB
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Older Anime Works release-only going to be seeding for 2 hours tonight, I will resume seeding tomorrow. After Pt.1 is seeded I will upload Pt.2.

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  • Karameki Project Pt.1.mkv (4.6 GiB)
I'm going to guess you meant "Kirameki Project"? Also... even as lazy as I am... even I split stuff into episodes. If this IS Kirameki Project.... it's a new low.
**@DmonHiro** Shit is going to go down for this uploader. Hope he/she doesn’t take in all that crap.

zrdb (uploader)

Both of you idiots go away and leave me alone. And it has chapter stops, the box says Kirameki Project so I stand corrected.
another garbage upload
> 5 episode OVA series > 1 file of 4.6Gb's. Dafuq is this?
seems like one of those 'marathon' uploads I saw posted here recently
Another torrent that will be unsearchable because seeder is allergic to criticism. Though, for such stuff it doesn't matter.
Spc_away, do you really want people FINDING this?
**@DmonHiro** ![alt text](
use pencil icon beside torrent post title to make corrections to title
Also, seriously now, split the episodes. It takes like, 30 seconds.
**@DmonHiro** You can split the episodes with **[TSmuxer.](** It’s still a pain in the ass though.
deinterlace would be nice too
Gee, thanks, Ingenioussubs.... I've never split videos before... *sarcasm* Permidion, it's a remux. If you deinterlace it, you encode it, thus it's not a remux anymore.

zrdb (uploader)

Like he says-splitting with TSmuxer is a fucking pain in the ass. As for seeding-damn, I've already deleted the file and torrent. Guess all the hit and run downloaders have moved on. I might make a new torrent for this but no promises. You could try this at least it has seeders.
Lol why you don't upload the .iso? Extras are missing guess