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[HorribleSubs] One Punch Man S2 - 05 [1080p].mkv

2019-05-07 17:45 UTC
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best thing about Tuesday for sure // except for CL of course
The animation is sucked
I've heard the animation has been sucked, is that true?
Yeah, it's true. The animation is a bit less detailed now and the battles aren't as cinematic. It's still enjoyable though.
its not too bad
Doesnt this one have subs?
Yea RacistPenguin, black hole sucked all the animation. It's audio only now.
The animation is sucked episode 5
Does anyone know why S2 is sucked? (compares to S1) OPM sells pretty good, it is hard to believe the budget for S2 is smaller than S1.
So was the animation this episode good or did it suck which is it, are you guys gonna be saying this every time a episode is out
The animation is sucked, yes every episode. @cagali they switched Studio
@Jeanberry Thanks. Yeah I know the studio is switched from MADHOUSE to JCSTAFF. But why? Money? MADHOUSE or BONES or other more professional studios are so busy to the extent that Shueisha cannot bear?
yeah its still enjoyable for sure!
@Cagali, shueisha is rich company. Madhouse wanted shueisha to wait 1 more year, but decided to hire another studio.
@Daiymon Thanks. Yes Shueisha is pretty big, probably still bigger than Shogakukan and Kodansha? Maybe we could just hope than Shueisha staff read comments on twitter and 5ch/2ch, and ditch JC Staff if there is season 3.
stop complaining you pirates, the show is fine even Madhouse couldn't pull off season 1's quality again
@Haru9 I started the thread for this episode's comments to recall last week's. Maybe imma continue this in all the episodes (1080p ones) lols.
CLEAN animation
Ok so I watched the episode I have to agree on the sucking part they seek to like to use a blank coloured background when a action sequence is happening like metal bat swinging his bat a red background is there like just use the normal background and way too many still images it's like they don't wanna animate the action scene of hitting someone instead of just showing a picture of them getting their face beat
Why Madhouse even relevant here? Y'all mean Natsume Shingo?
Dragon Ball Super Episode 5 I made History One Punch man 2 Episode 5 Hold My Beer We don't expect high Quality Anime like S1 but at least we Can expect Average Anime Quality with Proper Detail (Metal Bat Vs Garou missed lot of details) One Punch man S2 is not long running Anime like DBS, Naruto, Black Clover etc. Those who defend J.C Stuff why don't they understand just 12 Episode Anime deserve better Quality Thank God Wit Studio delay Attack on Titans S3 Part 2
Nobody here knows how to properly use the word sucked...
The animation and directing is a step down from Season 1 but it's adequate if disappointing. The real problem is the name of the show is "One Punch Man" not " 'A Collection of Random Side Stories About Characters Nobody Cares About and Occasionally a Glimpse of Saitama' Man"
The only thing that sucks is you guys sucking on Madhouse's dick. @grepthis2000 Have you never seen a show be about other things too than showing titular character? Do you not know different ways of storytelling? Well, you'll probably see them as you get older I suppose.
Yes, hi. I suck Madhouse's dick. The animation is not only sucked, it's incredibly fucking baddddddddddddd and ruins the show. Still shots faked as animation isn't animation, it's greed.
Guys, I just jokingly said before even watching the episode. No need to create heated arguments. It's all just for fun lol
Let's stop comparing it with season 1 everytime a new episode comes out. It's atleast ok and watchable. We will prob. never see one punch man as good as it was in season 1. ^^
@cagali It's not only about the studio. Season 1 had a good connected director hired by MadHouse who assembled a "legendary" staff to work. It's more like, MadHouse had a booked schedule and couldn't do One Pan, so Shueisha with it's infinite wisdom decided to jump the gun instead of postponing One Pan and hired another studio, JC Staff. JC Staff to show how good they are, hired a "newbie" director... and this is the result. In the director defense he is doing a better job than I thought he would, but it's still subpar to season 1 standards. Even if MadHouse was picked, I don't know if they could gather the same staff, since they have schedules too.
And nobody gonna talks about how bleedy shithole sound effect this episode was? Great!
Have you guys even watched Shirobako? If not then stop complaining.
awh so little screen on time with saitama and green little girl
@Xiximaro Thanks for the info!! I believe Madhouse would at least have a better quality control than JC Staff, and so a more consistent level over the episodes.
F in the chat for this butchered adaptation
Thanks for the English subtitle and high quality, have a nice day.