[fools] Unnamed Memory - 01 (1080p) [9CC04AFC] :: Nyaa ISS

[fools] Unnamed Memory - 01 (1080p) [9CC04AFC]

2024-04-03 14:15 UTC
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# [fools] Unnamed Memory - 01 (1080p) [9CC04AFC] --- Released by Fools. Don't leech, seed please. ## Thumbnails ![thumb1](https://i.postimg.cc/vHgjYCYH/mpv-shot0001.jpg "thumb1") ![thumb2](https://i.postimg.cc/Qx2zHSCg/mpv-shot0002.jpg "thumb2")

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Yet another leak
what separates a big release from a small one?
the fools watermark.@xef6
I'm glad he's putting a watermark only on the shows I want to watch
i will definitely not want to watch another cynical 12-24min-informecial disguised as some sort of "TV anime adaptation" that yells at me to go buy the "light novels" that's for sure
But that is the function of the anime adaptation lol
Thank you fools 🙏
@toasterprime - current 2024 season consists of about 2-3 original TV anime (plus some manga for said anime, haven't checked for actual original TV anime coming in april), the rest being nothing but adaptations, my take is production commitees just don't trust talented anime industry people to do their own thing so they (not the workers, the commitee itself) have to demand that there's this new hot thing on the shelves that must be made to anime 'cuz otherwise how you gotta ensure that said thing earns its way to pop culture? and even then it's not a guarantee that it'll actually make the numbers they need for their take on the source material to take off. besides, most of the quite literally just follow what's there in the source material, few take the bravery of refining some elements of said material into something better while meaning basically the same thing there, and even fewer come out winning. that said, these are all just suggestions so take everything that's said here with a grain of salt
@okaeshi_c343 Metallic Rouge sucked tho
Also, fillers have a very strong tendency to suck. That's also "talented anime industry people" doing their own thing, you know. Anyway, original anime projects that are *legitimately good* are mega rare. P.S. "Anime industry people" not "refining some elements of said material into something better" is generally due to laziness more than a lack of "bravery." And even when they do attempt that, 99% of the time, their changes make the material worse, not better.