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Takeshi's Castle - 093 (TBS-Ch2 720x576 x264 10bit AAC).mkv

2021-04-08 01:03 UTC
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This is the original Japanese version of Takeshi's Castle (or "Fuun! Takeshi-jo" / "風雲!たけし城"). For whatever reason, this show still re-airs on TBS' "premium" CS channel (TBS-Ch2) at like 2am semi-weekly. The original Japanese version of this seems to be pretty difficult to find however, so, here you go. Since this air's on CS, you can get H.264 captures instead of MPEG-2 (which BS and GR all use) assuming you have the right TV provider. This is good for a show like this where there's so much going on at once. Sadly, there's a couple of drawbacks. The show was shot to tape and this transfer looks insanely ugly (for all episodes) and all channels on CS are limited to a fairly mediocre bit-rate as sport's channels take priority (about 7mb/s). I didn't do much with this encoding wise. The flickering and over-sharpened, soft image is a result of the transfer and is out of my control, I just shrunk it down, cropped it (poorly) and did a proper deinterlace. I don't have a logo mask for TBS-Ch2 either, so I can't do anything about the logo. As far as I know, this is the max resolution you can go on this site for 4:3 SD content. The source is 1440x1080i, so technically I could've kept it at that, but that seems pretty silly. Media Info: 720x576 (Source: 1440x1080i) CRF 18.5, 10bit, 59.94fps, AAC (Passthrough) Feel free to complain

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  • Takeshi's Castle - 093 (TBS-Ch2 720x576 x264 10bit AAC).mkv (1.4 GiB)
Thank you. Based on the description, sounds like you did a fine job. Looking forward to watching it.
This is amazing! - absolutely no complaints! - only thanks. The original Takeshi's Castle lives on. There is still hope!
that 480p is for when source is SD channel. your filename says 720x576.
Thank you for delivering this gem. Complainers get what they pay for